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Akamá [a_k_ɐ_m_a]
is a homophone that evokes our inspiration:
“aca_mar”, which translates to “here_sea” / “hear_see”.

Akamá is an architecture and design studio with roots in successful real estate development in the Balearics.

Established on Mallorca in 1997, Akama specialises in uniting architecture, landscaping, interior design and art to create truly inspirational hideaways. The Akamá team encompasses a diversity of expertise with one common goal - to pioneer a Mediterranean-inspired modernism reflected in a unique environment for each client.

Akamá places great importance on formal simplicity, on the clear definition of volumes, expressed with great care, and delivered with an obsessive attention to detail, finishes and functionality.

Akamá treasures the natural environment and seeks to enhance and protect it - both formally in the careful stitching of our projects into the landscape - and through our preoccupation with sustainability in materiality, technology, design and delivery.